Community Against Family Violence

What We Believe

We believe in a society where families are spiritually, emotional, physically, mentally and socially healthy;
where children, men and women of all cultures live in safe, equitable and caring environments;
and where individuals are free or make healthy decisions about their own lives.
We see the whole community taking responsibility for providing support, leadership and resources to create this violence-free society.

The Prince Albert and Area Community Against Family Violence is a group of concerned women and men working to eliminate violence on relationship and families. We provide a way for individuals and organizations to develop innovative preventative and educational actions to achieve a violence-free society.

Long-Term Goals

  1. Provide leadership to bring about positive fundamental change in community beliefs, norms and behavior's about family violence.
  2. Contribute to changing the community's standards so that family violence is not acceptable.
  3. Provide leadership in increasing community knowledge and understanding about:
    1. the nature and causes for family violence,
    2. the extent, effects and cost of family violence in P.A. and area,
    3. healthy relationships, and
    4. actions required to eliminate family violence.